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Attention to Safety

Safety is, by far, our highest priority on every jobsite, every day. It’s the overriding principle for accomplishing our work. In fact, we regard safety as an equal deliverable with cost and scheduling.

Our goal is developing a safety partnership with training entities who themselves partner with OSHA and other safety training and oversight organizations. We do this to protect our greatest asset – our people — and the client’s investment.

We accomplish these standards through aggressive leadership, a conviction to a safety-conscious jobsite environment, and the determination to achieve zero accidents.

“Our priority is to maintain the highest safety standards so that our employees arrive home to their family every day, without incident.”

We acquire the skills, knowledge and preparation to be safe workers by focusing on:

Our objective is to remove job site injuries and higher project costs due to illness or accidents, worker disabilities and workers’ compensation claims, and death.

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Our standards on job site safety include:

Adherence to safe work does not change because of accelerated schedules, change orders, or difficult working conditions. Instead, it becomes an even more important factor. At 3C Industrial, you have our work that we will strive to remove the potential for unsafe acts and unsafe conditions at all times.