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Bucket Elevator

Chain and Bucket Replacement in a Bucket Elevator

Meet the Team

“Our priority is to improve the skills of our staff so that customers see continual improvement in the completed product.”

Frank Covert, President

It was Frank Cover’s vision for a truly “full-service contractor” that fueled the creation and growth of 3C Industrial into the successful organization that it is today. Frank is an ironworker by trade who identified the need for a company that possesses the range of capabilities that 3C offers. His vision now feeds dozens of families of 3C employees every day, and makes the daily environment for thousands of manufacturing workers around the country safe and productive.

Jeff Covert, Vice President 3C Industrial

Jeff is the primary driver of 3C operations in the field. A skilled millwright and ironworker, Jeff brings nearly three decades of hands-on experience and field supervision into the realm of project management, where he combines these skills to keep 3C as a preferred contractor for clients around the USA.

Jayson Taylor, Project Manager

Jayson is a military veteran with 25+ years of construction experience. His skills range from the oil fields to underwater welding. He has, by far, the broadest knowledge base in our area and is well known for his skills and professionalism.

Mark Hamrick, Field Superintendent

Mark is a versatile professional with about 20 years of experience. He excels most in fabrication work and is the lead CNC operator. His range of skills gives 3C the ability to place him where he can be of most benefit to a client’s needs.

Mark Chapman, Field Superintendent

Mark has compiled a proven track record of performance in the personal products industry. His 25+ years of experience in both installation and maintenance of manufacturing equipment make him invaluable in running a productive jobsite, but also to identify processes that may improve a shop’s productivity.

Jason Kunde, Field Superintendent

Jason is approaching two decades of work in the construction industry. His expertise involves machinery most often found in the personal products sector.

Patti Taylor, Office Manager

“Everybody needs a Patti. She keeps things straight. She’s our foundation.” — Jeff Covert

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