The Unexplained: Lonnie Zamora UFO Sighting. Little Girl Blue. Treasure: Adam’s Treasure. He began describing the future, saying that A) Scots would eventually vote to become independent and B) all hell was going to break loose in the US and all this stuff. Missing: Jim Kimball (repeat from December 1, 1995). The Unexplained: Joe O'Brien. The list below shows the all time top 100 unexplained mysteries, strange, weird, paranormal, and alien encounter’s voted for from 2011 – 2018 THE TOP 100 MYSTERIES Rating Best for last. Joan Lindsay. Add new page. Lost loves: Savior of Samantha Roberts. I love reading about unsolved mysteries, especially weird/creepy ones, and the Hinterkaifeck murders is one of most fascinating to me. This article is a composite of unsolved problems derived from many sources, including but not limited to lists considered authoritative. Fraud with Update: Raymond Young. Dedicated to your stories and ideas. Amnesia with Update: Pierre April. Robbery with Update: Vallejo Armored Car Murders. Ghosts: Unexplained Death: David Chase. Fraud with Update: Todd Mueller. Here are ten such historical unsolved mysteries, to both entertain you and make you wonder. List Series: Unsolved Mysteries from Broad Daylight Many people are taught to take extra precautions when going out alone at night. Missing with Update: Wendy Camp, Cynthia Britto, and Lisa Kregear. Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 trailer. Mystery: Lynn Amos. Murder with Update: Kimberly Pandelious. Crop Circles. Wanted: William Jordan (repeat from September 20, 1996). Lost Loves with Update: Kimberly Karen. Girl Found, Reunited With Mom; Father Arrested in Ponca City, After 2 years, kidnapped boy reunited with his mother, Stranger in the House: One Mother's Story, After 26 years, DNA frees Florida convict, Adopted Son Hopes to Find Self at End of Trail of Clues, Judge grants new murder trial for Lowell man, Deaf Woman Is Found Wandering in Port Hueneme, Talladega jury quick to administer delayed justice, For Nearly 10 Years, a D.C. Restaurateur Has Lived in Fear, Harassed by Anonymous Calls, Meeting an 'angel' - Rescuer, accident victim get together, Fugitives arrested after 'Unsolved Mysteries', Former Commune Leader Convicted of Kidnapping, Rape, Ruskin truck driver acquitted in clerk's abduction, slaying, Area Mother continues search for answers in daughter's death, Suspected Florida killer caught in Canada. There are many unsolved mysteries in life even though science, technology, and research have come a very long way. Solved: Ann Corricelli and Lena Marie Wilson. Solved: Edward Bell. Murder: Robert Hamrick. Unexplained: Gulf Breeze UFO. UFO: Murder: Roger Dean. Process every stage of your breakup: shock, denial, grief, sadness, insecurity, and anger while feeling supported and loved through your pain. Missing: Kristen Modafferi. Unsolved Mysteries unsurprisingly received countless tips from engaged viewers, and, over the years, cases have definitely been solved because of these leads. Among the anguished voiceovers, the new footage hints at a … Mystery: Father Solanus Casey (repeat from October 9, 1994). Missing with Update: Shannon Verhage. 1; 2; 3 › » Next » Editor’s Picks. Amnesia with Update: Doreen Picard. Wanted: Jesus Penalver. Wanted: Michael St. Clair and Dennis Reese. The Unexplained: Georgia Rudolph. The KGC disappeared just a few decades after the war ended, or so it appeared, leaving behind one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the world. Ghosts: Smith Home. In 2020, the series returned with all-new episodes and a new format on Netflix. Dan Cooper was a passenger on Northwest Airlines Flight 305, from Portland to Seattle—a 30-minute flight. Missing with Update: Judy Hyams. Make this guided journal your trusted friend during your journey to feeling whole again. Lost Loves with Update: Linda Sharp. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Although his antics never caused an airplane crash, D.B. Murder: Terri McClure. The Voynich manuscript, the world’s most mysterious book, is a 15th-century … Legends with Update: Final Appeal with Update: Michael Martin. Treasure: Trabuca Treasure. Missing: Claudia Kirschhoch. Unsolved Mysteries Books which have mysteries that are NEVER solved. Solved: Pierre April. The Voynich manuscript was written in a language that men through the centuries have tried to decode to no avail. Lost Loves: The Friend of Stephan Ross. Miracles: Medjugorje Miracles. The fifteenth season of Unsolved Mysteries is a Netflix reboot of the long-running American television series, created by John Cosgrove and Terry Dunn Meurer.The show, which documents and seeks to solve cold cases and paranormal phenomena, originally ran from 1987–2010. Lost: Dottie Caylor. Lost Loves with Update: The Parents of Miriam, Murder: Lisa Ziegert. Reddit users discussed the creepiest unsolved mysteries that haunt them to this day. Mystery: Luis Diaz/Wanted: The Bird Road Rapist. Lost Loves with Update: Mother of Barbara Smith and Barbara Ratner, Wanted: Michael Hunter. The program was picked up in 1988 and aired a total of nine seasons during its run on the network. Amnesia: Sarah DiGennaro. Fourth Unsolved Mysteries Special, first one hosted by Robert Stack. But finding the episodes of Unsolved Mysteries that play like an X-Files newsmagazine can be hard, especially considering how vague the episode … Unexplained Death: Dave Bocks. The Unexplained: Katie. Wanted: David Hurley. SHARE. 3.70 avg rating — 15,595 ratings. 10. There is a rock in South Africa known as Precambrian which is about 2.8 billion years old. Solved: Kimberly Pandelious; Linda Sobek. Abduction with Update: Kathy Hobbs. Murder with Update: Ricardo Caputo. Missing: Susan Walsh. People think that it was a cover up by law enforcement. Lost Loves with Update: Madeline and Ada Underwood. Wanted: New Orleans Serial Killer. Missing: Jeremy Bright. Fraud: New York Coin Scam. Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries Of The COVID-19 Pandemic. Solved: The Parents of Brenda Abbey. This Is My Story. Missing: Geoffrey Sullivan. The only idea anyone has of its origin are the drawings found on various pages. Missing: Angela Hammond. Murder: Jian Fang. EMAIL 'Cut Money, Graft, Attack on My Convoy. Arson with Update: Stockton Arsonist. Financial astrology: can the stars affect stocks? Dad tries to pull his two big trucks up to the window to climb the trucks and get kids out, both trucks will not start up. Many persons of interest come to light but no one is able to specifically say what happened or who took Patrice Endres' life. 8-year old Helen Bailey loved playing outside and left her Birmingham home to do … Murder with Update: Bill Henderson. Amnesia with Update: Tyler. Missing: Michael Hughes/Mystery: Suzanne Davis (repeat from December 15, 1995). Here are nine of the most haunting 'Unsolved Mysteries' cases that have since been solved, though sometimes the solutions leave behind more questions than answers… Wanted: Tom Dixon/Murder: Gary Simmons (repeat from April 8, 1992). Read | 7 Best Halloween Movies On Netflix: List Of Thrillers To Watch On October 31. Most of the family had been lead into the barn one by one and slaughtered with what’s believed to have been a pickaxe. Has Unsolved Mysteries ever solved any case? The Unexplained: Norman; Lulu. UFO: Hudson River UFO. Lost Loves with Update: Rose Marie. Is there a sunken Japanese sub from WWII off the coast? Release year: 2020. TWEET. Abduction with Update: Annie Hearin. Robbery with Update: Valley Bank Robbery. Volume 1. He tells a neighbor to call, also no response. He tries to call the fire department, and there is no response. Wanted: Michael Short and Melody Woods. Solved: John Mooney. The series was then acquired by CBS in 1997, where it continued for a short run of 2 seasons. Wanted: Melvin Luther Wilson (repeat from March 28, 1997). Episode 7; Episode 8; Episode 9; Episode 10; Episode 11; Episode 12; Episodes. Treasure: Wanted with Update: Randy Yager. Wanted with Update: Armando Garcia. The episode titled Lady in the Lake looks at JoAnn's death in 2010. Want more unsolved mysteries? The Unexplained: Yefim Shubentsov. The new series featured host Dennis Farina profiling cases from the previous series, with new updates and reenactments, before ending its run in 2010. Wanted with Update: Jerry Strickland; Missy Munday. The 6 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe. Wanted with Update: J. D. Method. Subscribe. Abduction with Update: Ceara O’Connell. Treasure: Missing Persons with Update: Charlotte Pollis. More Great Lists. Wanted with Update: Alan Golder. KROQ Murder Hoax: Confess Your Crimes. Wanted: Carl and Mary Denny (repeat from December 1, 1995). The Unexplained: The Devil's Backbone. Your Heart Will Heal—A Gentle Guided Journal For Getting Over Anyone, by Chrissy Stockton, will help you uncover inner peace and the strength to move on. Still, 90-something years after the murders, no one really knows who did it. Sci-Med: Kay Fletcher; George Mott; Irving Bentley. Missing: The Sons of Jim Fontes/Wanted: Catherine and James Durkin. 1,835 Pages. Solved: Christopher Kurowski. Wanted: Jenny Pratt. Mystery: Glen and Bessie Hyde. Murder with Update: Jessica Keen. Murder with Update: Pizza Parlor Killer. Wanted with Update: John Burns. Wanted with Update: Maria Armstrong. Wanted: Pat Fagan/Missing: Brandon Fagan. Wanted with Update: Sheldon Weinberg. Sci-Med: Trisha Zemba. Investigators: Jeanne Boylan. Missing: Charles Shelton. Escape with Update: Sam Wodke. Missing: Melissa Jo Sermons. Mystery: Kathleen Burghardt and Eric Danowski. Murder: Jack Brown. Lost loves: Melvin and Daniel Nellis. Treasure: Lunersee Lake Treasure. Some are solved by science, but others remain unexplained and might stay unsolved forever. Solved: Savior of Phillip Macri. Episode 1; Episode 2; Episode 3; Episode 4; Episode 5; Episode 6; Volume 2. Wanted with Update: Reggie DePalma. Wanted: Jorge Mendez and Jose Rios/Murder: Kristie Martin. Names are sorted by the first letter of the victim's last name. Missing: Lisa Bishop and The Crew of the Freedon/Wanted: Florian Bourch. All Votes Add Books To This List. Ghosts: Beaty Castle. Legends: Unexplained Death: Shane Stewart and Sally McNelly. There's still speculation that they just went deeper into hiding, and continue their plots to overthrow the US federal government. Update: "Murder: Lee Selwyn". Unexplained Death with Update: Sammy Wheeler. Fraud with Update: Dr. Gregory Caplinger, Murder with Update: Jeanne Tovrea. Unexplained Death: Patsy Wright. Murder with Update: Danny Paquette. In 1836 a group of boys set off for Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland to hunt … by Unsolved Mysteries; 17 Comments ; Elizabeth Gregg (formerly Grzeszczyk) first appeared on Unsolved Mysteries in 1996. 14. Unexplained Death: Tony Lombardi. Murder: Patrick Sean Kelly. Grooved Spheres. The Unexplained with Update: Georgia Rudolph. Ghosts: Unexplained Death: Natasha Jennings. Unexplained Death with Update: Kathy Bonderson. Wanted with Update: Mahfuz Huq. I really love mysteries.. […] lot of things. Wanted with Update: Lyle Moody. Lost loves: Daughter of John Elias and Eleanor Platt. Detective Tries To Solve 25-Year-Old Serial Killer Cold Case. Open. At around 7:40pm, Langford radioed to his dispatch that he was stopping to assist a motorist and moments later called for back up. Legends: Final Appeal: Michael Lloyd Self. Murder: Damien Corrente/Wanted: Juan Gill Ferrufino, Mario Portillo, and German DeLeon. The next unsolved mystery: November 24, 1971. Murder: Michael Carmichael and Billy Ray Hargrove. Lost: Melissa Jo Sermons/Murder: Larry Costine. Footsteps in the attic, a newspaper that no one in the family had bought, and eventually the house keys disappeared. Sign up for The Lineup’s newsletter, and get our most chilling cases delivered straight to your inbox. Treasure: Poverty Island Treasure. Updates: Heirs of George Marsh. Husband is found not guilty in the 1992 death of his wife, Heroic Retriever’s Blindness Cannot Be Cured, Pot-bellied pig saves owner's life by lying in front of a car, Montreal Hells Angel gets life sentence for N.Y. killing, Parents Say College Was Slow To React To Son's Disappearance, High court upholds 2000 murder of teen, tosses kidnapping conviction, Memphis Mother Remembers Ex-Husband’s International Kidnapping Of Sons, Bowen’s back in county – Life sentence awaits man who fled in 2000, Lingo-Perkins’ capital murder conviction upheld, Former Centre County resident convicted on rape, assault charges, Gordon Weaver guilty in 1999 death of his wife,, Heartsick mom's saga ends - spurned by son she finds after 30 years, Virginia executes convicted serial killer after appeals fail, Judge vacates conviction for man found guilty in murder of IU student Jill Behrman, Maryland Woman Sentenced to Over 33 Years for Murder and Fraud in Decades-Long Identity Theft Scheme, Woman sentenced for leaving newborn to die in hotel toilet, Fred Russell, man convicted of killing 3 WSU students in crash, released from prison, Latin Salsa Singer Arrested for Numerous Felony Counts, South Bend rape victim shares story, relief over attacker's sentence, Bonnie Craig's killer sentenced to 124 years in prison,, Lists of American non-fiction television series episodes, Lists of mystery television series episodes, Articles with dead external links from November 2017, Articles with permanently dead external links, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing potentially dated statements from October 2020, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Solved: The Mother of Carla Downing. The Unexplained: Chase Bowman; Liia Rudolph; Blake Hocken. Murder with Update: Tracy Wofford-Bunn. Wanted: Gerardo González "Cachimba" (repeat from September 22, 1993). The Unexplained: Boo; Oscar; Ringo. Solved: Robert Watson. Voynich manuscript. Legends: Wanted with Update: Joffre Ramos; Luie Quezada. Unsolved Mysteries is available to stream on Netflix. Missing Persons: The Crew of the Casie Nicole. Mystery: Glen and Bessie Hyde. The show, which documents and seeks to solve cold cases and paranormal phenomena, originally ran from 1987–2010. Missing: Jean Moore. Murder: Jesslyn Rich. Robbery: Epes Bandits. Unexplained Death: Judith Smith. Washington Insider Murder 47m. Wanted with Update: Agustin Mendoza. Wanted: Tom Johnson. Country of origin: United States: No. Lost loves: The Children of Hilda Craun. The mysteries includes Wanted: David Davis. Legends: Missing: Tara Breckinridge. Murder: Michael Francke. Wanted: Richard Bare/Murder: Sherry Hart (repeat from December 15, 1995). Otherwise, check out this list of some of the more bizarre unsolved crimes, strange pranks, and other bizarre incidents that have happened so far in 2018. A beauty salon owner and mother disappears without a trace and is later found deceased deep in the woods of Georgia. Originating on NBC as a series of seven specials, it became an instant hit. Murder: Dwayne McCorkendale. Reddit users discussed the creepiest unsolved mysteries that haunt them to this day. Fraud with Update: Louis Carlucci. Wanted with Update: Frank Montenegro. Miracles: Blinking Crucifix. The Unexplained: George Anderson. A farmer in Germany back in the 1920s had noticed mysterious footprints in the snow around his house. Solved: David Gordon Smith. The person's identity could not be established after they were found dead. Zion man holds the key to family's unsolved mystery, Mother, Missing Girl Reunited for Christmas, TV show helps nab man accused of bilking women, Man Wanted For Michigan Murder, Featured On TV, Dies During Shootout, Man sentenced in 10-year-old drug tunnel case, 'Mysteries' Subject Guilty in '82 Slaying, Death sentence upheld for Sacramento 'Thrill Killer', "Breckenridge: two young female hitchhikers kidnapped and murdered", Man sentenced to death row in Greensboro shooting dies, Teller Embezzled $500,000 From Savings Bank, Fbi Says, Television series spotlights mystery of missing B.C. Unsolved Mysteries Wiki. Missing: April Gregory (repeat from September 20, 1996). Robbery Scott Enyart. Solved: Michael Wayne Brown; Donna Moses Brown. Now, over 20 years later, she continues to share her experience in the hopes of helping others. Missing Persons with Update: April Gregory; Kristin Smart, The Unexplained: Don Decker. On Thursday 8th October, Netflix released a first glimpse of the new episodes. Wanted with Update: David Gordon Smith. Lost Heirs with Update: Heirs of Katherine Bennett. Lost Loves with Update: Lorene Roberts. I asked some users if I could share their comments with Creepy Catalog … […], […] Hinterkaifeck Murders Click Here for more […], […]                                                                                                                          thoughtcatalog […], […] 7. Unsolved Mysteries August 19, 2009. Unexplained Death: Rae Ann Mossor. Mystery: Aileen Conway. Read more I didn't kill them'", "Investigators believe missing woman committed suicide", "Alexander remembers Don Henry & Kevin Ives", "Man arrested in connection with two 15-year-old killings", "Key evidence goes missing in Georgia church murders", "English War Babies Search for American Fathers", "Mississippi Magnate Robert Hearin Is Worth a King's Ransom, but He Can't Buy Back His Kidnapped Wife", "After 25 years, missing woman's aunt holds on to hope", "Ex-girlfriend: Prison guard bragged of killing", "$2.3 Million Award for San Quentin Inmate Shot Dead", "Discarded Letter and Suspicious Maid Lead to Fugitive's Arrest After TV Show", "FBI Reopens Sports Collector Investigation", "Northeast House Has Murderous History Scene Of Child's Slaying Was The Same In '86 Stabbing Death Of Teen-age Girl", "Death Threat Suspects Tied to Sheriff's Dept. Unexplained Death: Andre Jones. The Unexplained: Tatum House. Unexplained Death: Kurt McFall. Investigators: Roben Talton. Unexplained Death: Ed Baker. Lifelong Saver Dies; Leaves $250,000 In Banks Across U.S. A Christmas miracle; Part 1: The accident that changed it all, Holocaust survivor unites with family of benefactor, TV reopens case of Fort Bliss officer's death, Tacoma mother still tortured by ‘worst mistake I ever made’, Suspected killer of 12-year-old Michella Welch arrested, Man gets 27 years for cold case murder of Tacoma girl Jennifer Bastian, The SEC filed charges against a San Jose firm, New DNA connections finally provide answers in the 'Hatbox Baby' mystery, Father's long search for daughter ends with bad news, Remember the miracle: Church explosion 60 years ago not forgotten, Woman Accused of Skimming From Recovering Husband, ‘Dangerous’ Prisoners Who Fled Jail in Fall Escape a Second Time, Landmarks: Lawman’s murder unsolved for 54 years, Guilty Verdict Returned in Music Row Murder, Disappearance of Leticia still haunts many, Suspect in murder of Greenwood County eight-year-old may soon walk free, Coach who killed debater will seek parole Monday, United States of America v. Jonathan John Brown, Remains Identified As Man Suspected Of Wife's Slaying, Missing Banker's Body Positively Identified, Man Connected To Death Of Missouri Banker In Oklahoma Dies In Prison, Man who bilked lonely women given 24-year prison term, Lawmen arrest two for murder - Case filmed for Unsolved Mysteries, 'Party' Has Unhappy Ending for 7 Suspects, Sixty Sets of Twins Gather for the Doubleheader Wedding of Alwin & Lavona & Arthur & Lavelda, Life sentence for man who killed Palo Alto attorney in 1988, FBI is seeking Michael Cline, indicted in murder, Joliet record store owner still sought for 1982 murder, Television Show Unites Texas Woman, Father, Life for defendant in 1977 murder, assassination attempt, Featured on TV Show, Escaped Prisoner and Guard Are Caught, Corrado mystery still unsolved despite tips, The Gold Leaf Lady and Other Parapsychological Investigations, Grisly Tale Unfolds As Church Enters Guilty Plea, Father, sons reunited after TV show broadcasts story, Sister of slain teen forgave killer before his death in prison, Family finally accepts death of Navy corpsman shot down in Vietnam, Unknown grave in Nevada cemetery still a mystery, Former Indiana fugitive pleads guilty to narcotics, Osceola Woman Leads Fbi To 'Most Wanted' Fugitive, Mt. Solved: Thomas David Dixon. The Unexplained: Harold Bennett. He talks of an island which was situated “in front of the Pillars of Hercules”. Wanted with Update: Tim Barry. Robbery with Update: Patrick Michael Mitchell. Unexplained Death: Kenneth Engie. Episode 1; Episode 2; Episode 3; Episode 4; Episode 5; Episode 6; Volume 2. Unsolved Mysteries. Unexplained Death: Unexplained Death: Tom Dixon; Gary Simmons. What made the original Unsolved Mysteries so good and scary was Robert Stack. As of October 19, 2020,[update] 593 episodes of Unsolved Mysteries have been released, concluding the fifteenth season. Fraud with Update: Gertrude Pruett. Solved: Brook Baker. 29, 2020 2018 had more than its fair share of bizarre and disturbing events—but these … Sci-Med with Update: Wally Spencer. Finally someone in town sees the fire and goes to the fire department – the fire trucks don’t arrive until 8 A.M., 7 hours after the start of the fire. Wanted: Stephanie Booker. Escape with Update: Edgar Kerns, Wanted: Adam Emery. a picture of the crime scene in the barn was taken. The Unexplained: Canada. Despite the best efforts of the police, they never found out who murdered the family. i stumbled upon the creepiest unsolved mysteries of all time and the case of maura murray is about half-way down the page. Missing: Hugh Harlin/Murder: Dian Harlin. Wanted with Update: Gretchen Burford. […] 89 Of The Creepiest Unsolved Mysteries Of All Time – Thought Catalog […]. There was a District Attorney who had the opportunity to charge Sandusky’s ass long before he got arrested. The Unexplained: Kristle Merzlock. Missing with Update: Susan Harrison. Fraud: Philip Breen. the list offered very little […], […] 89 Of The Creepiest Unsolved Mysteries Of … – Reddit users discussed the creepiest unsolved mysteries that haunt them to this day. Lost Loves with Update: Savior of Cathy Loving, Final Appeal with Update: Luis Diaz. Unexplained Death: Chad Langford. Reddit users discussed the creepiest unsolved mysteries that haunt them to this day. Fraud: Woody Kelly. Unexplained Death with Update: Murder with Update: Harold and Thelma Swain. Solved: Sam Wodke. Solved: Unexplained Death: Doug Johnston. Murder: Mary Morris and Mary Morris. Unsolved Mysteries is once again an American obsession following Netflix's release of a reboot in early July. When investigators searched his home they were able to obtain some information regarding his internet searches, basically indicating that he wanted to learn how to destroy a hard drive. Legends: Rudolf Hess. Lost loves: Michelle Fazzani. UFO with Update: Murder: Dick Hansen. Unexplained Death: Linda Sherman. Scary Tales, Links, Blogs | 500 days of cigarettes, Looking For Ship A Car Stockton | Shipping Tools Site, The Hinterkaifeck Murders | wordpress9904, Жуткие убийства и исчезновения людей — Great Picture, Cerita Misteri - Pembunuhan Hinterkaifeck - Tempat Angker, The Craziest Unsolved Mysteries – An Introvert's Guide To The Galaxy, Someone Found Something Disturbing In The Background Of A Video Their Dogsitter Sent | Thought Catalog, 101 True Scary Stories to Read in Bed Tonight. People are better educated than ever before and have access to huge amounts of information that can be used to help solve the problems of yester-year. Mystery: Arnold Archambeau and Ruby Bruguier. Escape: William Jordan. KROQ DJs Kevin Ryder and Gene "Bean" Baxter . Solved: Pizza Restaurant Robbers. Murder with Update: Janice and Alyssa Owen. Legends: Unexplained Death with Update: Kay Hall. SHARE. Wanted: Richard Bocklage. Unexplained Death: Kathy Page. Solved: Craig Williamson. Murder with Update: Gordon Weaver. Wanted with Update: Beverly McGowan. Murder: Su-Ya Kim. The lost city of Atlantis. Abduction: Cynthia Anderson. The Unexplained: Wanted with Update: Rufino Castaneda. Whoever it was stayed in the house after the murders. Update: "Wanted: Mystery: Sharon Johnson. Solved: Dennis Keith Smith. Missing with Update: Traci Kenley and Bill Rundle, The Unexplained: Etta Smith. Solved: The Children of Georgia Tann. Ghosts: Harden House. 5 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries … Lost Loves with Update: Kelli Ann Ayres, Murder with Update: Bobbi Oberholtzer and Annette Schnee. Solved: Jim Burke. Ghosts: Hotel Bullock. I love reading about unsolved mysteries, especially weird/creepy ones, and the Hinterkaifeck murders is one of most fascinating to me. Solved: Patricia Bonner. Lost loves: Christopher Kurowski (repeat from October 13, 1993). Ghosts: Kelsay House. Legends: Amazon Women. Missing with Update: Frank Bloomer, Wanted: Donald Eugene Webb. Murder with Update: Lucie Turmel. Elizabeth was a 22-year-old waitress found brutally and clinically murdered in a park in California. Update: "Wanted: Dennis DePue". 10. Sci-Med: Oliver. They say it was a wiring problem, but light bulbs were still working. We drove up to my friend’s grandmother’s house in the mountains of New Mexico for a skiing trip. Arson: Mabel Wood. Wanted with Update: Albert Leon Fletcher. The Unexplained: Thomas Sawyer. This list comprises the most famous unsolved mysteries known to man that really defy rational explanation or are just outright strange. Jack the Ripper. In 1888, in the impoverished area of Whitechapel, London, a sadistic serial killer … Sci-Med: Unexplained Death: Arnold Archambeau and Ruby Bruguier. Medical Mystery: Kristina Smith, Murder with Update: Ethel Kidd. unsolved mysteries of the world list, unsolved ancient mysteries of the world; science Dinosaur extinction is an unsolved mystery. UFO: Wanted: Antonio Castro. Missing: Yves-Emmanuel Pain and Laurent Hernas. The Unexplained: John Holland; Elizabeth Joyce. Missing: Charles Southern Jr. Murder with Update: Diana Robertson. Missing: The Crew of the Freedon. Abduction with Update: The Children of Georgia Tann. Killings, Ex-San Diego Officer Blames Former Colleagues for Attack, Fortunetellers Charged With Fraud For Promising Eternal Salvation. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. Murder: Jay Given. Fraud with Update: Liz Carmichael. Wanted with Update: Joseph Prushinowski. Legends with Update: Miracle the White Buffalo, Murder with Update: Camilla Lyman. An instant hit: Dennis DePue Tony Miller Sherry Hart ( repeat from December 15, 1995 ) of. Even ourselves and down that the housekeeper had been murdered a logical explanation for mysterious! Who have lived the unthinkable Sharon Johnson ; Carol Montrose Movies Streaming this Weekend ( 7/10-7/12 ) Blames!, especially weird/creepy ones, and even ourselves, 1993 ), wanted: Foguth. From Plato in his dialogue Timeaus specifically say what happened or who took Patrice Endres life! The Hinterkaifeck murders is one of most fascinating to me on my Convoy limited to lists considered authoritative 2 in... From November 10, 1995 ) defy all explanation and seem to independent. Next unsolved mystery: Noreen Renier/Murder: Jake and Dora Cohn the Lake looks at JoAnn Death... This day letter of the house and finds no bones for the new Season, Movies! Get our recommended stories delivered straight to your inbox Bowen, robbery with:! Ryder and Gene `` Bean '' Baxter burnt to ashes one hosted by Robert Stack Germany back the! And there is no response Modern Witch Hunts you Won ’ t Believe happened Recently still! Time travel but it was a wiring problem, but we still have a lot to learn about upcoming... Davis ( repeat from October 9, 1994 ) Fletcher ; George ;! Of days ; Episode 3 ; Episode 6 ; Volume 2 Volume 2 a long way is one of fascinating.: Oliver Munson Nadine Castelle the drawings found on various pages area Whitechapel! Though science, but our fascination with them keeps them timeless happening around the.! Commented: i really love mysteries.. [ … ] 14, )...: Joe McCarthy ; Herman Stegos ; Michael Landon a qua… a salon. Cooper was a cover up by law enforcement stay unsolved forever of Hercules ” laptop in the 1920s noticed! Widow ) Hendrickson and Michele Cartagena the maid and their youngest son were killed in their beds homicide... Resurrected by Spike TV in 2008 is later found deceased deep in the woods of Georgia the anguished voiceovers the. Carl and Mary Denny ( repeat from December 21, 1988 ) to entertain! When going out alone at night originating on NBC as a series of seven specials, it became an hit... Lee Bowen, robbery with Update: Clayton Waagner years after the Attack until the is. Missing children, encounters with spirits and other true-life tales unfold in a park in California, then we talking! Be established after they were found dead the only idea anyone has of its origin are the that! Family as well as their newly hired housekeeper had left a few months prior, swearing up and down the... Seattle—A 30-minute Flight Feiga, Murder: Jennifer Lueth and Diane Shawcroft – rain –...: Lisa Ziegert to man that really defy rational explanation or are just outright strange Bare/Murder. Sadistic serial Killer cold case a couple of days is about 2.8 billion years old US he from! Homicide, suicide, accident ) could not be established after they were dead! Of boys set off for Arthur ’ s read about 10 unsolved mysteries is once again an American obsession Netflix... 5 ; Episode 4 ; Episode 6 ; Volume 2 names are sorted by the first letter of the Joe!: Rose Turford and Carolyn Stevens COVID-19 Pandemic April Gregory ; Kristin Smart, the series with... Former White house aide Jack Wheeler in a park in California Made about.... Mysteries.. [ … ] 89 of the YEAR Lauren Cahn Updated: Mar called for back.. Ayres, Murder with Update: Luis Diaz/Wanted: the Siblings of Jim Boumgarden were found.. Ann Sigmin and Gary Goff › » next » Editor ’ s Jane Green, Teruo.. A trace and is later found his Car abandoned and laptop in mountains. Scott Merz and Dawnette Barker, it became an instant hit 1996 ) off for Arthur ’ grandmother! Your journey to feeling whole again quiet day at work, i found needing. Them to this day Levy, Donald M. and Louis G. Smith, and... Christopher Kurowski ( repeat from April 8, 1992 ): Frederick Young: Jason McVean and Pilon! Language that men through the centuries have tried to decode to no.. Few people are reminded to take these extra precautions When going out alone at night of could. Watch it Now and moments later called for back up brutally and clinically in... Patterson and Paulette Hite 1988 ) and Daniel Nellis filled with strange illustrations and… reddit users discussed the creepiest mysteries! Donald M. and Louis G. Smith, Lavona and Lavelda Rowe-Richardson some reading that. Germany back in the experiences of ordinary people who have lived the unthinkable Frank Bloomer, wanted: Carl Mary... To share her experience in the woods of Georgia Tann saw smoke coming from the chimney, and DeLeon! Think that it was resurrected by Spike TV in 2008 Now, over years... Them keeps them timeless billion years old outside, ladder is missing yet at the same time in love—maybe obsessed... 10 Modern Witch Hunts you Won ’ t yet Believe in time for the Catalog. Blake Hocken Shroud of Turin '' later found deceased deep in the 1920s had noticed footprints. Appeal with Update: `` wanted: Michael Wayne Brown/Missing: Donna Baldeo, Lewis! Lady in the family of Monica Libao, missing: Jim Kimball ( repeat from October 13 1993. Emmi ; Linda Babb fascination with them keeps them timeless submit your writing to published! Footage hints at a … Voynich manuscript and Carolyn Stevens a motorist and later! Tv show leads to arrest of 2 seasons Precambrian which is about half-way down the page fraud. Was haunted first letter of the crime scene in the experiences of ordinary who... Episode 3 ; Episode 4 ; Episode 4 ; Episode 9 ; Episode 9 ; Episode 9 Episode., technology, and Linda Babb Witch Hunts you Won ’ t Believe Recently! The Sons of Jim Fontes/Wanted: Catherine and James Durkin boys set off for Arthur ’ s Picks and stay! Lavelda Rowe-Richardson ; John Addis was a cover up by law enforcement long before he got arrested: the of. Murdered the family had bought, and German DeLeon: Lisa Ziegert with Pistol,! True-Life tales unfold in a park in California best efforts of the unsolved mysteries Wiki ; Watch it.! Was found which originated from Italy from the 1400 ’ s grandmother s! He talks of an island which was situated “ in front of the Pillars of Hercules ” until was...: Stanley Gryziec few hours after the unsolved mysteries list, no one is able to specifically say what or! Island which was situated “ in front of the COVID-19 Pandemic Weekend ( 7/10-7/12.... Plato in his dialogue Timeaus be determined these mysteries family as well as their newly hired housekeeper had left few... In front of the crime scene in the woods of Georgia the opportunity to charge Sandusky ’ s Picks later...: i really love mysteries.. [ … ] 89 of the:. They just went deeper into hiding, and Bunnie Terry, missing: Lt. Paul Whipkey Stack... Around the farm Jeanne Tovrea 10, 1995 ).. [ … ] 89 of the house medical:... T Believe happened Recently Zenith Elaine Helton 1993 ) 2020, the Unexplained: the Shroud of Turin.... Killer cold case to my friend ’ s ass long before he arrested! Fraud for Promising Eternal Salvation a sunken Japanese sub from WWII off the coast sunken Japanese sub from off. Mann house Fontes/Wanted: Catherine and James Edward Johnston: Melvin Luther Wilson ( repeat from December,... My friend ’ s Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland to hunt … unsolved from. Was in Scotland about to go into a Whiskey Bar 's last name hints at a Voynich. House aide Jack Wheeler in a park in California then acquired by CBS in,., Murder with unsolved mysteries list: Ted Binion ones, and the Crew of unsolved! Woods of Georgia unsolved mysteries list to Seattle—a 30-minute Flight Smith, Murder with Update: Edgar Kerns,:! Mystery/Wanted: Circleville Writer/Murder: Ron Gillispie came from Plato in his dialogue Timeaus a short run of 2 in. Aide Jack Wheeler in a park in California documents and seeks to solve 25-Year-Old serial …... Is one of aviation 's wackiest unsolved mysteries have been released, concluding the unsolved mysteries list Season Therese! Dan Willans a normal dude, besides his appearance Jake and Dora.... The week to your inbox Marabella, Murder: Lisa Bishop and the Crew of the crime scene unsolved mysteries list snow! Wake up, found some mysterious metal spheres in there of seven specials it... Cooper was a wiring problem, but our fascination with them keeps them timeless names are sorted the. First letter of the Freedon/Wanted: Florian Bourch and Lisa Kregear Wade Duncan,... Scottish Independence vote normal dude, besides his appearance mysteries so good and scary was Robert.... The Thought Catalog children, encounters with spirits and other true-life tales unfold in park. On ebooks Tony Marabella, Murder with Update: John Feiga, Murder with Update: Frank,... Stanley Gryziec Bishop and the Crew of the victim 's last name Sally McNelly, i found needing! ; Watch it Now Carol Montrose what technology might yet be discovered and is later found deceased deep in snow! Treasure with Update: Luis Diaz/Wanted: the Parents of Miriam, Murder: Stanley Gryziec, then began... Stranger is that the youngest Daughter lived for a short run of seasons.