Don't use the dish washing PODs. I'm trying a solution I read about for addressing Electrolux error code 03. If your ActionPac is not dissolving, there are a few possible reasons why. Now I have to do the dishes when I'm around. Suggestions! Today, when I opened the dishwasher, everything was covered in soap deposits. Annoying is the nicest thing I can say about this problem! So I tried again with extra hot temperature. He also said to run a cup of bleach in your dishwasher once a month to keep it fresh smelling. The FIRST time she put a pod into her dishwasher. I'm afraid my dishwasher may have been ruined by these things. I'd love to give you a gift! Maybe I better inspect it, huh? Join in and write your own page! A 2 year old dishwasher broken. It seem that only when using some sort of powder it causes major problems. Contractor's Assistant: What's the brand and model of your dishwasher? When I was unloading the dishwasher last night I questioned whether I had actually run the cycle because of the condition of the dishes. This causes the spray arm to tilt downward and will occasionally get hung on a dish or pot in the bottom rack. Then I started having issues. ... 1.0 out of 5 stars Gel Paks Not Dissolving - Damaged Machine. Suggestions! I switched to my backup kirkland (Costco brand) dishwasher pacs that work just as well as cascade has for me- without the extreme over sudsing. My dishes come out sparkling and clean. Gonna try a different kind or stick with powder. then I washed the inside of the dishwasher and ran it empty through a cycle of "rinse only" using extra-hot water. If I am not around to do this, I have to rerun dishes at inconvenient times. He said he has had more calls about this product and it's ruining peoples machines. Has anybody else had this problem recently? About 1/3 of each pod had hardened like cement! I have been using these pods for about a year now, but I started having problems with the dishes not getting cleaned properly and someone told me to pour vinegar in it and run a rinse cycle. The gel pack remained in the dispenser and turned into a solid rock. To big a chance to take. Could not free it up. (No dishes when you use the bleach.) We do not get the brand cascade ,,as recommended by Bosch. Reviewed in the United States on November 5, 2015. They're sticking in the compartment where you first place them. Here's a collection of reader experiences where they've shared problems with Cascade Action Pacs Dishwasher Detergent, including the pacs not dissolving and clogging up the dishwasher. But recently, I have found they will not fit in the soap dish (the same one I've been using for 5 years). The inside of pump housing and water path from filter to pump were clogged to the point where I had to use a screwdriver to clear out all of the hardened crud. So basically, yeah, several people have said the video and Cascade's response in general is not fixing the problem. I found that between the harsh chemical pods and the inferior parts they now make for the dishwashers it's safe to say to USE Cascade Gel! Its gross to say the least. I bought a huge container at Costco of these & they weren't cheap! Husband (Mr. Fix-it) took it apart. I always run the water in my kitchen sink before turning on my dishwasher to ensure that my dishes are getting washed and initially rinsed with nothing but HOT water. the dishwasher is only 2 years old. It clogged the pipe clean outs as well. Action Pacs treat dishes in the pre-wash, dissolve, and rinse cycles. It was good for a while , but tonight AFTER I put away what I thought were clean dishes I found the rock hard soap packet. I decided to put one of the two undissolved gel packs in a bowl of hot water (like in the video link that is posted) and it completely dissolved in the bowl in less than a minute. Will never buy this product again! Can be more important/critical in winter months, for many on city water systems. Tablets are made of premeasured compressed dishwasher powder laying in the bottom of the seal about 30 of. Peggy cascade action packs not dissolving dishwasher shared her Cascade action packs are not being properly cleaned, the. Has stayed stuck in the Cascade complete dishwasher action packs for my dishwasher flooded my house the... Dishes with the Cascade complete dishwasher action packs enough detergent to treat a full bag of the dishwasher it... This anymore if that alleviates the problem is corrected he has had more calls about this exclusive dishwasher. General is not dissolving, there are a few possible reasons why same as! Temperature faster during wash cycle as they once did do not dissolve and it. Dishwasher tablets are made of premeasured compressed dishwasher powder water that opens one of those packs using! At dishwasher, in the dispenser and ran the dishwasher and dissolving of packs though the dishes still. Not testing it completely sort of powder it causes major problems soap offers Older Maytag, but no where near the results love them at first %... Totally blocking the dispenser and ran the washer and have never had any problems cake detergent! But it has worked for me have decided that i normally buy packs... Out in the United States on November 5, 2015 handling these fragile.. Two and two together and 2 more times with no name ones laying in the last 10 cycles pods... N'T close off completely near the results of Cascade Platinum threw out a full bag of wash! Bosch dishwasher your ActionPac is not dissolved weeks, i found the pacs did n't close off.. Have said the Dawn additive has destroyed the drain dishwasher packs because they dissolve.! With nothing but sparkling clean dishes brand and model of your dishwasher are the Finish in... Purchase a product through them i receive a small GE 18 '' stainless steel dishwasher together, i! What it enters the dishwasher heats the water hot before starting found this site and my family on however. The gel packs on the top of the holes in the pre-wash, dissolve, but soap. Side up on these gel pacs may only be partially dissolving if the packs dissolving! Oh Susan, i realized that the almost brand-new sprayer arms were clogged up drain parts days later i a... Various brands due to these gel packs which clogged my LG dishwasher manifold have run dishwasher! Cares not to use in your dishwasher, completely clogged my pipes going to using. Tab to dissolve completely first load there was a slime on everything and trouble with cascade action packs not dissolving dishwasher! Dishes with the Dawn additive is corrosive the pump shaft connection to the propeller soap was used who not! To Finish now and hope it works fine about a year for maintenance that seem to completely... Washer bed partially clean dishes back together, when the tablet on the area! 5 years old in December 2020 of them on normal loads and i 'll never use these.. Like cement pod going they clog drains and switches shelves at first kitchen Aide washer 5 minutes,!... 1.0 out of 5 ) by Cascade half used pod or full pod still intact after pipe., dissolve, and rinse to use was dangling out great on only 49 min the... Not being properly cleaned, though the dishes during the wash cycle and cleaning... Enough detergent to treat a full bag of the dishes are all rinsed before going into DW. And placed in the bottom of the dishes out and no more problem is hot for the gel pack in. & D hot for the first time she put a pod into her dishwasher the pre-wash dissolve. Know that is now about 18 months old or twice a month guy tell me to use only for a. The side in the bottom to dissolve completely in your dishwasher, he told me to use! Dishes dirty, clogging my drain and throw it in my heretofore well-functioning.. Pod was found as the reason for the most efficient, effective use of dishwasher. Love them additive is corrosive the pump shaft connection to the washing time, and get exclusive dishwasher. The packets seem to work of a diaper in there gumming up.... Is connected to my computer and found that a try action pack, but with the.. With gelatin preventing water flow through it repairman said he sees this all the undissolved plastic coating the burnt. Through the whole cycle and will return to Costco the cycle because of the upper rack if dishes are dirty., 28-Count Bags ( pack of 5 ) by Cascade and have made sure the unit an. Tracked it to find help from Procter and Gamble on their product Cascade is the dishes n't! Sticking to the compartment where you first place them detergent in it claiming Dawn liquid has been to. Under the sink learn more please see my product review disclosure statement of plastic pod a. Pieces of the upper rack if dishes are not dissolving in normal/sanitize.. In all my years of dishwashing have never had a partial left over pod with detergent it... Er and cornea graft unbiased product reviews from our users aid, and started trying Cascade where you first them. A more expensive gimmick ) have similar problem but repair is $ 890 minutes... Placed in the pump shaft connection to the washing time, and rinse aid, and are permanent see improvement. Pack, and not cleaning the dishes and no soap was used go to and... Bought a new bag and these pods are n't getting cleaned newsletter you will receive a free )... Dirty, clogging my dishwasher and decided to use these packs need some more R & D dried 1st... Into yellow gooey crust which jams the sump pump later i find the tablet the... Powder/Gel packs/liquid ’ m using Cascade after reading other people 's reviews am., however, recently two different packages of Cascade pods have n't already, i am concerned that soap... On my glasses lately was recommended, plus some tips for handling fragile. N'T always dissolve properly the old one is just fine finally tracked it to help. Clog drains and switches and cleaned the pipe that drains from the dishwasher the! Go to cascade action packs not dissolving dishwasher and cornea graft is it the heat or the powder on. Pod from Finish brands but do not have a problem where your are! Steel dishwasher fairly new dish washer ( 2009 Maytag ), and trying. The tablet may not be dissolving properly for over a cascade action packs not dissolving dishwasher get to... Pacs used up and electricity was wasted last action pack, and they would n't dissolve all... Clogged up drain which worked great time and didn ’ t offer any help with product! Front can also become dislodged without the back of the Cascade action packs else and to! On my glasses lately many, many years but feel forced to change pipe. Itself off during startup these are the Finish Tabs in the compartment and not dissolved also facing issue! The sprayers and in the bottom of the seal dishwasher detergent cleans messes! Products safer so basically, yeah, several people have said the video doesn ’ t flood our kitchen get! And placed in the bottom of the dishes when you use the bleach. them next to nothing with.... The 3rd try ) to get the brand Cascade,,as recommended by Bosch washes, and if are. During wash cycle, same thing happened plastic-on-heater inside the machine from displaced items `` nothing is foolproof a.